Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Criteria to Shortlist Company

I would like to make a summary on how I shortlist potential companies based on financial report. Shortlist means eliminate companies which do not fulfill the requirement.

1 Valuation

For bull market third period

Dragon Head of industry: PE<25

Second and third line company: PE< PE of Dragon Head-5

Penny Stock: PE< PE of Dragon Head-10

2 Profitability

There are three options:

Revenue increases and Profit Margin constants  or

Revenue constants and Profit Margin increases or

Both Revenue and Profit Margin increase.

(Non-recurring item and one-time profit should be excluded)

3 Cash Flow

There are two options:

Net Cash Flow positive and increase or

Net Cash Flow positive and decrease (used in long term investment or paying debt)

4 Liquidity

Current Ratio more than 2

Quick Ratio more than 1

5 Take note any sudden large changes of numbers in any particular section in financial report comparing across year. (Find out the reason) 

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